Psoriasis, nail and skin, psoriasis, head - causes, stages, treatment

Psoriasis is non – communicable is a chronic disease that affects the skin that covers most of the time (at least the nail plate, and scalp). Yourself excessively dry, red spots, slightly protruding on the surface of skin (papules). Merge, popular, plaques, chronic inflammation of resources.

psoriasis in the hands of--

Psoriasis is infectious, no?

Replying to a question, infectious, psoriasis or not, you must understand, this is not a disease, but fires, sexual, nor droplets in the air, neither communication nor any other way. Infected is impossible.

The violation, due to the exfoliation process, the skin flakes visible dry patches on the body of Horny. Die, it couldn't be them, but is sick, he lives, his appearance due to illness serious psychological.

Cause psoriasis

Still fully if it is not installed why psoriasis occurs. A different theory of the development of the disease. Defeat what experts lean, skin and nails can cause:

  • stress, negative emotional experiences;
  • endocrine pathology;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • failure, the immune system, which is a violation of the process of growth and cell division, epithelium.

The cause of psoriasis, which is autoimmune, immune cells, T-helper cells and T-cells, a normal protection that meets the body, tumor cells, disease-causing viruses and bacteria as it begins to penetrate the upper layers of the skin. Here they produce substances, an activated inflammatory process. As a result, the skin begins in cells, strongly share and multiply. The observed proliferation.

Development of comprehensive action, it is possible for psoriasis and several factors, the list provided below:

  • Bad, very thin and hydrated skin (less sebum is produced).
  • Frequent contact with irritant compounds – poor quality makeup, alcohol solutions, and household cleaning products.
  • Too often washing, body, arms (especially rigid foam and used antibacterial soap/shower gel).
  • Drinks alcohol.
  • Development, infectious diseases that cause Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, mushrooms.
  • Antidepressants, lithium carbonate, beta-blockers, anti-malarial and anticonvulsant drugs.
  • Climate change slice.
  • Mechanical injuries of the skin.
  • Passion for allergic reactions.
  • HIV infection.

Disease classification

If a different photo, psoriasis, at the initial stage, you will notice a difference – there are a few varieties, this dermatological pathology. Depending on the location hit:

  • Psoriasis scalp (manifested as itching, bleeding, skin).
  • Psoriasis nail (the nail plate and bed may become painful slowly separated, which occurs on red spots).
  • Palmar-plantar psoriasis (widespread just for the foot, leg, and/or palms).
  • Skin disease psoriasis (dry plaques visible different body areas).
  • Psoriasis Arthropathy (fan joints).
  • Sexual Pearl (the skin that covers the genitals illness).

Psoriasis clinical form:

  1. Ordinary or vulgar. Manifested flat, pink-red papules, small in size, towers over just and healthy skin. Coated with shiny scales begin to fall from above and popular even a light touch. If psoriasis treatment initiated for timeless, big into small pockets.
  2. Exudative. Is more common in people with obesity with thyroid hypofunction, diabetes. This form of psoriasis symptoms is as follows: bright's popular red color accesses them from above yellow-gray scales. The effects of the folds of the skin plaque – axillary region under the milk glands in women. Patient complaints of itching, burning sensation.
  3. Seborrheic. Are seen in psoriasis on the head behind the ear, nasolabial folds, between the shoulder blades on the chest. It's clearly obvious that the stain is not nerve. Peeling Silver-yellow. Psoriasis photo the map, the head of any association with this common fungal disease, such as dandruff.
  4. Palmar-plantar. The disease in people 30 to 50 years of age, work-related heavy physical labor. Rashes that can be seen in this form and the body.
  5. Pustular. The body pustular items. They form a kind of medicine for additional features such as mist – Samsung psoriasis. He sometimes idiopathic (primary) - turns into blisters that appear on the skin pustules. Pustules are opened and wither. Then a peeling rash them the visible region for the disease. Secondary as well as benign. In this case, the typical pustules plaques that occur on the surface of psoriatic plaques due to irritation of the drug.
  6. Ambush is another variation form – Barbera psoriasis. This strike only the soles of the feet and palms. Purulent pimples on the skin, visualized. By the time they opened to turn dark, dry shell. Barbera symmetric separating psoriasis lesions.
  7. Arthropathy (joint). A severe form. Most common in patients with skin rashes. The first symptoms of the disease usually occurs after five to six years after treatment if you have psoriasis ignorant. The articular system, pathology may be different, not the beginning, the expression arthralgia Joint the ends of the machine as you change why deformed ankylosis (the joint is completely motionless).
  8. Psoriatic erythroderma. As a result rude or psoriasis age. Affected almost all leather. It will be red, mines plenty of dry flakes. Body temperature rises observed in the lymph nodes (especially the inguinal and femoral). If the patient learns how able to cure psoriasis hair loss, brittle nails.

Seasonal recurrence of psoriasis are divided by criteria:

  • summer;
  • winter (common);
  • it's vague.

Symptoms of psoriasis

The symptoms of psoriasis and treatment depends on the judge, therefore, keeps the doctor receiving a first examination, thoroughly examine the patient places to localization focuses psoriatic plaques.

Most commonly the disease is emerging winter. In the summer months under the influence of sunlight, symptoms of psoriasis disappear completely. However, if an "annual" pathology in the form of the sun, on the contrary, you need to avoid. In the period of exacerbation the patient complained of itching is very severe. The nail plates not only of Defeat shows that 25% of patients.

Hair, including the scalp, the disease is a pathological process. Start to peel the skin off first. Time zone lesions "tossing" on the neck behind the ear. Keratinocytes are dividing too fast due to the inflammatory process.

Deep cracks of the feet palms and psoriasis is thicker and the stratum corneum off. Photo showing the initial stage of psoriasis with pustules transparent content. They are white and then turning into dark marks.

When the nail plates the two most common types of Defeat:

  • The pits under the nail, similar tracks ("thimble type").
  • A change in nail color and begins to flake, a similar fungal disease. Psoriatic changes in the nail plate from inside bucks, surrounded by a red frame.

Scene psoriasis

Though the debate about what is psoriasis and exactly what the reason may be, his emergence, the disease is already well researched. Three:

  1. Fee (initial). Visible lesions on the surface of the skin in the form of rash, the upward trend and the environment. For them form healthy skin and oval or round plates. Stains pink or red color. Else flaky crust to them – not just white scales. A little closed edge pockets. As a result, scan new rashes.
  2. It's so hard. Income is a one-to-four weeks of the first symptoms, psoriasis. It's brighter plaques. New rash appears, the old – remains slow. Celebrated, popular healing, wipe from the Center to the edges, what shape is ring. The entire surface is covered with white scales healing foci.
  3. Regression (crying). Plaques psoriatic plaques almost color to distinguish healthy skin. Minimizing the itching. Voronov which focuses around the collar" to the people that represent intense Horny skin layers. If the patient uses high-quality, ointment psoriasis, the regression stage lasts about a month. Otherwise, the process of "slimming" it may take up to six months.

Of psoriasis the diagnosis of the patient which have the task – to keep a disease in remission all the time.

If you find yourself with similar symptoms, consult a physician immediately. Easier to avoid struggling with the disease results.

How to diagnosis psoriasis


Psoriasis diagnosis a dermatologist. Procedure-based dental examination, evaluation of skin and nails, localization focuses learning. Any additional obvious indication is not given during testing. If you have difficulty, normal diagnosis, the retrieved sample plot inflamed skin (biopsy) for study under laboratory conditions.

A complaint for joint pain radiography. A blood test is assigned at the same time, just to be sure any other arthritis types. An exception for a yeast infection the test is performed using potassium hydroxide.

Psoriasis treatment how

Integrated the treatment of psoriasis. This includes:

  • general treatment;
  • local treatment;
  • physical therapy.

First, to determine psoriasis more treatments, a dermatologist determines the clinical form of the disease stage, the prevalence of process. In the appointment the drug, taking into account the age and condition of the patient, accompanying diseases. The safest are usually the first drugs selected for health, characterize has few side effects. If they provide the transition stage of regression psoriasis treatment is set.

System psoriasis medications

Medication, received, help, moderate and severe stages of psoriasis. These are:

  • Vitamin A derivatives (retinoids). Speed of maturation of keratinocytes. Normal differentiation and maturation-cells.
  • Immunosuppressants. Reduce the activity of T-lymphocytes, provoking increased cell division epidermis.
  • Drugs for treatment of malignant tumors. Brake reproduction, growth, and atypical skin cells.

Physical therapy psoriasis

Physiotherapy treatment significantly improve health patients with psoriasis. In some cases, to completely give up drugs. The most commonly used:

  1. Selective phototherapy. The affected skin of the irradiated UV-rays the wavelength of 280-320 nm. Between 15 and 35 assigned procedures.
  2. Photochemotherapy (PUVA therapy). And sometimes in sharing proposes a method long-wavelength UV radiation external. Ultraviolet rays penetrate deep into the skin covers and sometimes the process, which prevents DNA synthesis, reduces the rate of skin cells, split them. The duration of the course of treatment 20 to 30.
  3. Laser treatment. Applied laser light of different wavelength. Provides fast melts plaques laser to eliminate scars in their place of Education.
  4. Use monochromatic ultraviolet radiation. Alternately the treatment of each furnace tube/laser source, no UV and radiation. It does not affect healthy skin. Method, process, from the saddle than 10% less skin. The duration of treatment 15 to 30 sessions.
  5. Electrophoresis. Apparently, the electrical impulses throughout the brain 20-60 minutes for a soft effect. As a result, the patient settles in a normal business the central nervous system begins to dissolve psoriatic plaques.
  6. Ultrasound treatment. A recoil, antipruritic, and pain relief tool. Speeds up the sucking. Phonophoresis with links if necessary. You need to make to achieve a therapeutic effect, 7 to 14 sessions.
  7. Magnetic therapy. Impact ge-refreshing effect to the body. Relaxes, reduces inflammation helps to get rid of the itching and burning sensation, joint pain.
  8. Bee venom therapy. Using the apparatus, electrophoresis or ultrasound bee venom injected into the body. This is characterized by-solving, and an anti-inflammatory effect, normalizes metabolic processes.
  9. Hyperthermia. Psoriasis affected with a mixture of 40 degrees heat fabric heat pads. To improve treatment, as it helps the immune system to reduce the negative effects on the functioning of the skin disease covers.

Psoriasis diet

Acute allowable products for psoriasis:

  • fruit (apples, apricots, peaches);
  • fruit juices;
  • vegetables (beets, potatoes, radishes, watermelon, zucchini);
  • greens;
  • strawberry (except for the red ones);
  • low-fat meats (beef, veal, Turkey, rabbit) – 200 grams a day;
  • any nuts;
  • a lean fish;
  • dairy products, cheese and cheese;
  • whole wheat bread;
  • marine algae.
power-up time-psoriasis

Patients with psoriasis are unacceptable:

  • smoked food;
  • red fish;
  • animal fats;
  • eggs;
  • pork and duck meat;
  • for Muffin.

The Forbidden drink, coffee, carbonated and alcoholic beverages. Desirable limit your sugar intake. It is recommended that the body be done twice a week for a day of fasting cleansing – vegetables, apples or kefir.